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This unique collection ranges from pastel hues to deep, luxurious tones.  Used as a background for your flowers and other simple subjects,  it will add an impressive look to your work with minimal processing.  It will even add a distinctive backdrop to your portraits.  Simply select your subject and move it to the texture of your choice.  Or add your own unique touch by stretching or rotating the texture using your preferred editing software.  It’s that simple.

The Satin and Swirl Collection


    When you purchase my textures, you will receive the product by email immediately.  (Check your spam folder if you do not see it.)  Because of their large file size, these textures are sent as a Zip file.  To unzip, simply double-click the zipped folder to open it.  Then, drag or copy the items from the zipped folder to the folder of your choice on your computer.  There are no returns/refunds available on digital downloads.  You may use my textures for personal or commercial projects  but you may not share, sell, or post them as standalone files or as part of a product from which someone would be able to extract the texture as a standalone file.

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