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Here are a few comments made by attendees of my presentations.  I am very grateful for their positive comments and support.

Thank you for today and yesterday. I love working with textures and have learned a lot. - Linda T.

I enjoyed both of your presentations and purchased a few textures! - K.B.

Very creative and thorough explanations. Thank you. - Dotty S.

Excellent presentation, thanks for your time. - Amy M. 

Wonderful presentation! Thank you, Marie! - R. M.

Excellent, very clear and fun! Thanks. - C.A.I.

I love how creative you are, both in this presentation and the one you gave us before. - John M.

Wonderful presentation! Thank you. - Marilyn N.

Great ideas! - Lea B.

Wonderful presentation! Thank you! - Sharon M. 

Your work is incredible! - Patricia M. 

Thank you, Marie. Great presentation. - John D. 

I have so many ideas now! - Angie

Great exposition of these techniques.  Clear and helpful. - Bob L.

Very nice presentation! Lots of great ideas! - Maria O.

That was great……thanks Marie - Jay F.

Great program, thank you - John M.

Cool techniques, I haven't seen these ideas before - NHPPA

Some great ideas here! - Nicki F.

I enjoyed your wonderful presentation, Marie. Thank you!- Carol E. 

Thank you - can't wait to experiment with textures!! - Bev C. 

Marie, thank you for a very informative presentation! - N.

Very clear description! Thank you so much! - Cindy A.

Great information! Thank you! - M.

Very well presented, Marie. Thank you. - Marsha Z.

Thank you for not using shortcuts. I'm new to PS and I can't follow the shortcuts. - Linda M.

Very nice presentation. Well explained and demonstrated. - Terry P.

The explanation is nice and clear. Thanks. - Cindy A.

Thank you Marie. Excellent presentation and with great enthusiasm. - Alan R.

Thank you SOOO much! - Jessie M.

Thank you for sharing your ideas !!! Awesome images!! - Sylvia G.

Thank you so much.  Excellent presentation! - Deb B.

Thanks.  Super ideas - Andrew D.

Thanks Marie - have gotten so many great ideas and inspiration from your talks - hope to see more! - Jenn D.

Thank you. This is very creative. - Eddie S.

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