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Presentations of how-to techniques are available on a variety of topics for photographic clubs, conventions, and conferences.  They are currently available in a web conferencing format and on the topics listed below.


In addition, competition judging is available for camera clubs.


Contact me for pricing and availability.  



A texture can transform a simple snapshot into a work of art.  In this presentation, you will learn how to apply textures to your photographs for creative and artistic results.  While it works beautifully with flower images, it's also a great way to hide distracting backgrounds on any image. 

Image Review Session


An optional feature is now available as a follow-up to the Texture presentation.  An image review session, usually help approximately 1 to 2 weeks after the first presentation, will allow participants the ability to have their own work on creating and using textures shown and reviewed, with suggestions made when necessary.  Since questions often arise while a participant is actually trying the techniques on their own, this would allow any additional questions about techniques to be answered - almost like a mini-course with the instructor there to help.

Finishing Touches

So you've finished processing your photo and while you like the results, you feel that there's just something missing.  It needs an additional element to give it that "wow" factor that competition judges look for.  Maybe that beautiful scenic needs a point of interest.  Perhaps, that horse in a pasture needs  something to make it stand out.  Maybe that simple colored stroke around the edge of your flower picture      just isn't enough to make it stand out from other flower pictures.  In this presentation, you'll learn some creative techniques to turn your ordinary photo into an extraordinary one.

Lensball Photography

Using a crystal ball is not just for fairy tale princesses.  Many photographers use such a device to capture an inverted version of a scene that's in the background.  But in this presentation, you’ll learn how to create unique graphic designs that will almost pop off the page.  And they can be created indoors in your home or office.

Fun with Photoshop: Tips, Tricks and Techniques

Photoshop may seem daunting to many.  And even those who are proficient at using it might learn a new thing or two from this presentation. Generating a shadow that can be manipulated or transformed or even used in another photograph is just one part of the presentation.  Using a non-destructive technique to highlight some parts of your image while darkening other areas is another segment.  And learning to use the puppet warp tool will open a world of creativity for you.